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Meriss ceramic’s success story
Having a complete knowledge of the requirements of restaurant and hotel owners, we are able to develop collections that combine innovation, function and design. The flexibility of the different lines on offer, allows for countless combinations, such as our all-purpose saucers that can be used with a variety of items: cups, mugs, platter, teapots, pates, soup plate, bowls and bakeware and etc.

The genesis of Meriss
Based in the NakhonPrathom province at Thailand, Meriss Porcelain is part of the Meriss Ceramics Industrial Group, the world’s leading producer of ceramics. Equipped with ultramodern production facilities, we now have an anual production capacity of 21 million pieces of porcelain certified to the highest quality standards.

Meriss “a worldwide success story”
Starting in 2006, we have successfully launched innovative professional collections on the global tableware market. Each and every one of our product lines combine exceptional durability and creative spirit, thanks to the inspiration of renowned designers and the strength of our industrial know how to obtain an unfailing solidity.

Cutting-edge technology
Using cutting-edge technology our collections are designed to withstand intensive use as well as mechanical and thermal shocks inherent in the profession. By selecting raw materials of the highest quality, our products stand up over time to heat of traditional or microwave ovens, while retaining the brilliance of their enamel and the fineness of their decorations.

An optimised worldwide distribution
Linked to a solid worldwide distribution structure, we rely on a network of experts and operations specialising in tableware to serve you wherever and whenever you desire. We insist on providing you with very short lead times.

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